Fairmont Barcelona is pleased to invite you to participate in its famous gastronomic workshops hosted every month. Each season chefs choose a different theme. Learn to work with local products, modern and traditional recipes hand in hand with Fairmont chefs. Please, see the schedule of the upcoming workshops and get your voucher to have fun and learn the best from the best!


  • Entrance to one of the Gastronomic Workshops at Fairmont Barcelona



  • Saturday 10/08 - 17:30h: Avocado Workshop “From breakfast to dessert” In this workshop we are going to learn the properties and different kind of one of the high-fiber product in the world that help us to reduce the cholesterol and sugar level in our blood. We will start with breakfast options, appetizer and finish with a complete menu based on avocado. We will use different kinds of texture like puree, cold soup, cream or mixed with mascarpone.
    Breakfast: Toast with avocado
    Appetizer: Avocado foam
    Starter: Creamy avocado with crudité
    Main course: Roasted scallops with “Guacamole”
    Dessert: Avocado cheesecake
  • Saturday 14/09 - 17:30h: Choux pastry Workshop In this workshop we will explain the secret and the different way of use of choux pastry and going to prepare assorted options with diverse kind of pastry creams.
    “Lionesas” with pastry cream
    “Eclair” with coffee and amaretto cream
    “Religieuse” with caramel and vanilla cream
    “Saint honore” with tangerine and citric cream
    Croquembouche (traditional way of cone with flowers décor)
  • Saturday 28/09 - 17:30h: Japanese cold food Workshop We will fly to Asia Northeast to learn a part of the extensive Japanese gastronomy. We will explain different cold options, how to cook the rice and the setting up of the dishes. Also we will show you the ideal side option to complete our Japanese meal.
    Temaki “cone”
    Side options: Jinger on vinegar, Wasabi, Macerated turnip, Edamame broad beans and Soy sauce



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